Refer A Customer

Refer a Customer and get a Macbook Air!

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All we require is an introduction to a company or a person who is interested in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

We will do the all the heavy-lifting (sales presentations, follow-ups, POCs) and all we need is an introduction.

Once a deal has been closed (PO being received), you get your Mac Book Air!


Who Do I Refer?

There are several quick guidelines to help you establish on whether NetSuite provides value to your contacts:

  1. The company is evaluating other solutions such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics to manage their back-end operations. If you hear this, then quickly register the referral as it is 99% confirmed that they are looking for an ERP.
  2. They have disparate systems, managing different aspects of the business (i.e. sales, marketing, accounts, inventory and support), and are looking to consolidate all these systems into a single one
  1. They require an accounting solution which will ensure it has integrated functionalities of the following:
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing/Procurement
  • Inventory Management/Warehouse Management
  • Manufacturing/Work Order/BOM
  • Project Management/Service Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Case/Issue/After Sales Support
  • Distribution (Wholesale/Retail)
  • E-commerce
  1. Company has more than 50 employees


Referral Incentive

For each successful referral, the referrer will get a Mac Book Air. Minimum deal size for a NetSuite ERP would be SGD50K for a 30 user deal.


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